Brian Cooper | Board Member

Brian has passionately served the people of Ethiopia for over 7 years. Most recently, he was CEO of A Glimmer Of Hope Foundation, whose focus is to lift women and children, in rural Ethiopia, out of extreme poverty. The Foundation’s purpose is to offer hope, help and dignity to those who suffer unnecessarily from the injustice of poverty. Before joining A Glimmer of Hope, he was a serial entrepreneur having founded and led software companies for 20 years, including the very successful Lombardi Software which was acquired by IBM in 2010.

Brian's philosophy is that it's so easy in the western world to get caught up in the poverty mentality (despite our abundance), leading to excessive numbers in the western world living below the poverty line. In the developing world, the problem increases exponentially with so many living in extreme poverty. Brian feels that we are on the earth to serve and that we are here to help each. That starts with listening first as well as being kind, fair and generous.