Mathilde Leary | Treasurer

Mathilde Leary is a finance and strategy executive dedicated to the healthcare industry.  Mathilde has experience in transforming healthcare delivery and payment systems.  Her expertise includes entrepreneurship, digital health, innovation, investing, and M&A transactions for large academic medical centres, private equity firms, physician practices, and other healthcare providers.  Mathilde served as a Healthcare Advisory Director at a global consultancy firm and where she oversaw healthcare transactions and strategic projects.  Previously, Mathilde served as Director of Corporate Finance and Strategy for the largest oncology management group in the U.S, where she assisted the executive team with new business development, acquisitions, investments, and corporate finance functions. Mathilde is a graduate of both Wake Forest University and Tulane University.  Her experience includes working with institutions such as TMCx, Houston Methodist, UCLA Health System, NYU Langone Medical Center, NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, Continuum Healthcare, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Yale New Haven Health System, Parkland Medical Center, Texas Children's Hospital, Ochsner Health System.  Mathilde is passionate about helping physicians, nurses, and their patients fight battles against disease daily.