Join us on our upcoming Joy Trip, an adventure to enchanting Ethiopia,

in October, 2018!

"Experiencing the energy and joy from the Safe Motherhood Ambassadors at the Healing Hands of Joy Center in Mekelle was transforming for me.  I heard stories from women who had lived in isolation and shame for years --suffering both physical and emotional pain. Their renewed sense of hope for the future was a beautiful picture of the impact Healing Hands of Joy is making on hundreds of women's lives across Ethiopia.  I feel more grateful for my own life and the opportunities I have and continue to be inspired to support the amazing work of Healing Hands of Joy."
- Julie Campbell, Participant on Joy Trip 2016

Join us for an adventure like no other here in northern Ethiopia! Our Joy Trips take you on a journey into the rural countryside of Ethiopia, and into the lives of women who have been afflicted by obstetric fistula but who have since emerged with hope and resilience. They are on the frontlines in the fight against fistula! 

In 2015, the European Council on Tourism and Trade named Ethiopia as the world’s best destination for tourists to come and travel. From its outstanding natural beauty, dramatic landscapes and ancient historic sites, Ethiopia is considered as the cradle of modern human beings. Ethiopia is home to some of the ancient rock-hewn churches that date back to the 4th century AD. This adventure of a lifetime is paired beautifully with gaining a deeper understanding of what obstetric fistula is and why it is prevalent in Ethiopia.

With the good work of Healing Hands of Joy you will see how fistula survivors are being empowered to prevent fistula in their communities. We will spend quality time at the Healing Hands of Joy rehabilitation centers meeting fistula survivors who are in training to become Safe Motherhood Ambassadors. Then, you’ll have the chance to visit project areas ‘in the field,’ where our Safe Motherhood Ambassadors have been deployed. At our Community Engagement Campaigns, we gather entire rural villages together to screen the film “Fistula is Not a Curse” and hold a special candle ceremony where everyone commits to ending fistula in their homes and communities.

As a participant on this trip you will be receiving the most authentic and genuine experience of all that Healing Hands of Joy and Ethiopia has to offer. The itinerary allows for the adventure seeker and the philanthropist to experience both the beauty and real hardships of the areas we will visit. We hope you decide to join us and know that you must have healing to receive joy!

Please contact Makda Teklemichael, , for more information, deadlines and pricing for our Joy Trip 2018.