Semenesh, 25, was forced into marriage by abduction when she was only 13 years old. She developed fistula while giving birth to her first child who was a stillborn. She lived with fistula for 9 years, her husband left her right after she got sick, her family was not willing to support and her community ostracized her.

When she graduated as a Safe Motherhood Ambassador from HHOJ's Hawassa Center recently Semenesh said, "My stay at HHoJ's center was fruitful. Now I am happy and filled with hope. I am ready to teach my community. And if I get a loan service it will help me to improve my situation because I've no one to help me." Before she left the center Samenesh promised to bring a woman in her village who was suffering from fistula. We are happy to report that a few weeks ago Semenesh identified 4 women who were suffering from fistula and helped them to get to Hamlin Fistula Hospital to receive treatment.