10/20/2017 19:39:37AnonymousGeneral Donations250 USD
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10/20/2017 14:29:17Anthony GreenElle Green's Joy Trip Fundraiser 125 USDI'm happy to help this organization after Lorraine explained what it does to help women in need.
10/16/2017 22:47:49AnonymousGeneral Donations250 USD
10/03/2017 13:37:18AnonymousGeneral Donations300 USD
10/03/2017 07:45:00Kathi SchroederJoy Trip 2017 Fundraiser 1000 USD
09/29/2017 13:39:42Andrew ParedesDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 201775 USD
09/29/2017 12:06:35Amanda ReardonDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 201750 USDYou are doing an amazing thing but that is not suprising because you are an amazing woman. We love and support you! Best wishes and safe travels xo