08/15/2017 05:28:00Dr. Eric S. GardinerElle Green's Joy Trip Fundraiser 300 USDI am pleased to be a part of this fundraiser and make this donation.
08/08/2017 06:46:41Whitney MorganDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 2017125 USDDebbi, I'm so proud of you and look up to your strength and care for others. What your doing is remarkable. You are literally saving lives. Love you to the moon and Bach forever! ❤️
08/07/2017 08:29:36Chelsea SilvernellDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 2017200 USDWhat an incredibly important cause! We are so proud of you! Love the SIlvernel
08/03/2017 13:15:04AnonymousGeneral Donations25 USD
08/02/2017 16:54:09Valentine F. MorganDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 2017300 USDWe're so proud of you Debbi for taking up this very worthy cause.
07/31/2017 22:00:34Lynne FlorioDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 2017250 USDWe are so proud of you and are happy to help support your dream.
07/31/2017 16:51:33AnonymousDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 2017125 USD
07/31/2017 14:01:02Lauren AlbertDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 2017250 USDThis is amazing. We're so proud of you!
07/31/2017 13:53:52Lauren AlbertDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 2017250 USDThis is amazing. I'm so proud of you!
07/28/2017 16:09:55Suzanne BottiglieroDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 2017125 USDWhat a hearfelt endeavor. I am pleased to help. My prayers and best wishes to you and these amazing doctors/ nurses / caregivers and the young woman who are in such need.
07/28/2017 11:49:29Nanyc PlumerDeborah's Joy Trip Fundraiser 201750 USDGreat work and changing women's lives....thank you, Debbi!!
07/19/2017 11:40:19AnonymousElle Green's Joy Trip Fundraiser 125 USD