Cindy Johnson Breilh | Board Chair

Cindy is currently the Executive Director of US Programs for Medical Teams International and is based in Redmond, WA. Prior to this role, Cindy served with World Vision US as the Executive Director for World Vision’s National Leadership Council and five years as the National Director for Women of Vision.

Combining her education in nursing (University of Washington) and business (Seattle University MBA program), Cindy started her career as a nurse educator and entrepreneur, founding Video Education Associates (VEA), to provide continuing education for nurses and healthcare education for consumers. VEA produced the first training video in the US for the care of patients with AIDS and HIV and a 30 minute TV special, “Eat to Compete”. Cindy subsequently worked in a medical technology business (Confirma Inc.) in cancer research, and served as Vice President of Strategic Solutions Inc., a technology consulting company.  She has worked in both for- profit and non-profit enterprises. Cindy has served on a number of non-profit boards including the Institute for Business Technology and Ethics, Bellevue Christian Schools, and Washington Engage, an anti-human trafficking organization.  She and husband Bob are also active in the Young Life ministry.

Cindy developed a keen interest in global women’s issues, particularly leadership, health and economic empowerment and supported the gender equity space while with Agros International and World Vision.  She loves Ethiopia, has traveled there several times, including a Joy Trip with Healing Hands of Joy, and lived in Gondar, Ethiopia, for over three years as a young girl.   Cindy has three grown children and one delightful new granddaughter.