Shimelis Mitiku | Regional Technical Advisor, Hawassa Center

Shimelis has a rich experience on Maternal, New born and Child Health intervention areas;  disease prevention and promotion programs. He is very confident and practical,versed with experiences working in health facilities as clinical service provider and PHCU manager. For 8 years, Shimelis worked in government offices, under Ministry of Health(MoH);  and Non-profit organizations on different roles including Coordination, Management, and Implementation of various health programs in the area of Basic Emergency Obstetric and New born care, Family planning, Fistula, Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive health,  Nutrition, Sanitation, Expanded Program of immunization and Integrated community childhood case management. Shimelis joined Healing Hands of Joy in June 2015 as a Regional Director of the Hawassa Center.  He has BSc in Compressive Nursing and Masters on Public Health.