Susan Q. Goode | Treasurer

The focus of Susan Goode’s work over many years has been children and families.  After a career in commercial real estate development, Susan has spent her time working in her community and in the world to better the lives of struggling families.  She spent several years serving as a community board member for The Department of Social Services and then engaged area churches to create foster adoption events to pair foster children with prospective adopting families.  She currently serves on the Board of Brookstone Schools, a private Christian school for under resourced children.  During her fifteen-year service to Brookstone she has worked in strategic planning and development.  On the international front, Susan serves as the World Vision liaison for her local partnership of Women of Vision, a group that supports World Vision projects world- wide.  In previous years she has served as International and Education Chair for that organization.  Susan received a BA in Economics and an MBA from the University of Virginia.