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July 14, 2016, marks the beginning of a once in a lifetime experience for Grant and me. We are so grateful and excited for this opportunity to feed our soul, while at the same time helping to raise awareness and funds for the non-profit organization, Healing Hands of Joy (HHOJ).

HHOJ has been and continues to be, committed to making motherhood safer in Ethiopia, improving & empowering the lives of women of Ethiopia who have suffered from obstetric fistula, educating communities and permanently eradicating fistula in Ethiopia.

Ascending to the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro via the Lemosha Route, will no doubt challenge us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually; Joy Climb 2016, here we come!  Thank you for your support and prayers as we train for, prepare for, and travel on our big adventure!

Learn more and support the efforts of Climb Joy 2016, (1) by watching the brief film below to learn more about HHOJ contributions to women and families of Ethiopia and (2) by considering sponsoring Grant and me with a monetary donation to directly benefit HHOJ.

Joy Climb 2016 is giving us all an opportunity to support the foundation path for  “Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies, and Healthy Communities”.

Thank you!

Kathy & Grant

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Campaign Activity

Karla Saladino donated $100
The Wilsons donated $125 and said, "Congratulations Kathy and Grant! We are very proud of both of you!"
Linley Daly donated $500 and said, "You inspire!"
The Phillips Family donated $125 and said, "What a wonderful experience for the two of you and supporting such a great cause at the same time. Our love is with you both during your trip!"
Ed and Elaine Balogh donated $50 and said, "May the good Lord watch over you both in your endeavor"
Dawn Collier donated $40
David & Sally Seavey donated $200 and said, "Have a great trip as well as doing something for others"
In honor of Kathy and Grant from the Farmer Family donated $125
Kathryn Ford donated $50
Isobel J. White donated $125 and said, "Happy Mothers Day!!!"
Sarah donated $500 and said, "You Go !! Happy Mother\'s Day"
Someone donated $50 and said, "Happy Mother\'s Day, BBBs!"
Someone donated $100 and said, "Happy Mother\'s Day, Mom & Grammy!"
Someone donated $100 and said, "Happy Mother\'s Day, Mom & Grammy!"

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