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I plan to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for a cause and that cause is to end Obstetric Fistula in various African countries.  Fistula is a set of medical, physical, and cultural circumstances which have a horrifying affect on some African women.  Yet, it can be surgically treated.  This cause supports educating the women victims of Fistula and providing them a safe and happy return to their villages.  Please view the attached videos and pictures to educate yourself on Fistula to determine if you are interested in supporting this cause.  All of what you donate will go to the cause.  Each of the participants pays full price.  Thank you.

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Debbie Davis and Ann Watkins donated $125
Carter & Cathlean Utzig donated $75 and said, "Amazing journey and a wonderful cause! Way to go, Cindy!!!"
Maria Nagem donated $25
Carol and Tom donated $25
Sara and Joe Evans donated $100 and said, "We are glad to support you inWe hope you have an inspiring trip. We will be with you"
Someone donated $25

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