Emewa Nake

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Full Name: Emewa Nake

Age: 36

Region, Village: Amhara, Aneded

SMA Class and Graduation Date: 40thclass, on March 23rd, 2018

Years lived with fistula: 4 years

Marital status and Number of kids: Widowed and has 5 children

Health Status : Fully Cured 

Emewa was given into marriage at the age of 10. She developed Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) fistula due to prolonged labor that lasted for 2 days at home, and resulted in stillbirth. Her husband divorced her after she developed urine incontinency (fistula). Emewa believed that she was cursed and God hated her and was suffered for 4 years.

 Emewa was so happy when she joined HHOJ’s Rehabilitation center and developed good relationship with her fellow SMAs in training. Emewa said, “I want to educate my community about fistula.’’

IGA Interest: Petty trading

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