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How exciting to have the opportunity to both climb Mount Kilimanjaro AND help raise funds to fight a very preventable injury of childbirth in Ethiopa - obstetric fistula.  A fistula can occur when a women has experienced an extremely long and difficult labor with the baby not progressing through the birth canal normally with little if any medical intervention resulting in incontinence and often the loss of their child.  These women often find themselves pushed out of their families and communities at a time when they need this support the most.  These women simply do not have the medical care accessible to them that we take for granted.

While I am funding my own climb, I am asking you to consider making a contribution to the Joy Climb to support in helping these mothers and women who are struggling with fistulas and also hopefully begin to prevent the occurrence of obstetric fistula in Ethopia.  


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Gamble Sandy donated $100 and said, "Such a great cause! Congratulations on finishing your climb!!!"
Someone donated $125
Someone donated $250
Declan and Carrig donated $50 and said, "Good luck GiGi!!!!!! We love you and are so excited for you to go on your own adventure. You\'ve taken all of us on so many, now its time for YOU! <3"
Davis Hunt donated $125 and said, "So proud of you, Mom! You continue to be an inspiration to us all."
Brooke Berg donated $150 and said, "A dynamic duo - helping support women and climbing Kilimanjaro! So proud of you, sis. I will definitely be with you in spirit!"
Mom & Dad Bauer donated $250 and said, "Ginny, we are proud to support this cause. Know that Mom will be with you on every step of the climb. Good luck to you and all the climbers."
Brenda Wing donated $100 and said, "We\'re proud of you!!!"
Martha Hunt donated $50 and said, "Such a worthy cause! Good luck, Ginny!"
Robyn Stump donated $100 and said, "Ginny, I love hearing of all your adventures!!!! what an awesome cause."
Graham Hunt donated $50
Tracy S Smith donated $100
Kathryn Lookabill donated $100 and said, "Good luck, Ginny. I wish wonderful days of climbing for you and your group."
Jane LL donated $100 and said, "Ginny, you never cease to amaze me! What an exciting adventure lies ahead for you. Enjoy!"

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