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About two years ago my mom took a trip to Ethiopia through World Vision to see the work of Healing Hands of Joy. While she was there, she befriended Alison Shigo, the founder of Healing Hands of Joy. Close to around the time my mom got back I told her that I wanted to climb Kili after having seen a movie on it in Geography. 
Allison just so happened to be in town that next weekend, and I got to meet her for the first time. I brought my idea up to Allison and she told me that climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds for HHOJ had been something she wanted to do,  and now almost two years later it is something we all get to do!
I think that the life I live in the United States every day is very normal. I mean going to Field Hockey practice isn't always something I want to do, and it's certainly not the end of the world, but sometimes having to drag myself into the car at 8:00 at night feels like it. Something that struck me the most about the women living with Obstetric Fistula in Ethiopia is this is their normal. Girls my age and younger get married off to men they probably don't like, and get pregnant. When it is time to deliver, instead of getting to go to a hosptal like everyone I know does, they usually have the child in their home without good medical care. The result is often Obstetric Fistula. It causes these women to have to live alone because their husbands usually divorce them and their communties shun them. They think they have been cursed by God. On top of that, the baby usually doesn't make it through the delivery.
I think that Healing Hands of Joy has given these women hope in the best way possible- through each other. The Safe Motherhood Ambassador program gives these women an opportunity to be educated and to learn that they are not alone and are loved by God.  After they graduate the program they go out into their the communties and educate other women about how to have safe and healthy deliveries. Not only does it help eliminate the amount of cases, but it empowers women to help each other. 
My goal is to raise $5,000 which would pay for five women to go through HHOJ's Safe Motherhood Ambassador program. All donation amounts are greatly appreciated and as I am paying my own way up the mountain, every donation will go directly to Healing Hands of Joy. 
Thank you all so much,

My story may pale in comparison to my sister's, but my attention and concern for women with fistula does not.  I have loved getting to know Allison, and the inter-workings of what Healing Hands of Joy is all about. I am very excited to hike the mountain this summer to help raise money and awareness for HHOJ.  I hope that we will be able to make an immediate impact on the lives of Ethiopian women.


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Priscilla Perkins donated $100 and said, "Our prayers will be with you and your Mom."
Sarah & Scott Fligel donated $100 and said, "You both are amazing! Can\'t wait to hear all about it and see lots of pictures! We love you!"
Downie and Sally Saussy donated $200
Brannen and Melinda Edge donated $100 and said, "Congratulations on your efforts and enjoy the journey!"
The Townsend Family donated $100 and said, "You guys are remarkable; thanks for making a difference! We love you."
Janie, AJ, and Jody Cook donated $125 and said, "great cause, so glad we can help in a small way guys"
Caroline Nystrum donated $100 and said, "Lizzie and Will - admire your efforts! What a great cause and incredible experience. All the best!!"
Phil Jurney donated $100 and said, "Thank you for participating in this worthy cause. Good luck to your goal"
Skipper Day donated $50 and said, "Sounds like a great cause, good luck with the fundraising and with your excursion up the mountain"
Janet & Chris Haley donated $250 and said, "We love the cause and can\'t wait to see pics from the top of Kili !!! Climb smart and be safe !!!"
Paul and Julie Steffens donated $100 and said, "Great work for a great cause!"
Rob Sult donated $100 and said, "What a wonderful experience for a wonderful cause. Belay on? Climbing? Climb on!"
Pops and Grandma donated $250 and said, "So proud of you both! Love and prayers!!!"
Lee Cory donated $100 and said, "What a fantastic cause! They are lucky that you 2 are involved."
Someone donated $50
Mountain Campbells donated $100 and said, "All our love goes with you."
Jim & Marty Williams donated $100 and said, "Good Luck!"
Boyd & Anita Wilson donated $100 and said, "Best of Luck"
Jeff and Missy Richardson donated $200 and said, "Yay Will and Lizzy!"
James Rogers donated $100
Victor Adams donated $250 and said, "Pole, pole! (You\'ll figure this out.)"
Hunt B donated $250
Bob & Karen Branan donated $250 and said, "Awesome project for a great cause."
Kathryn & David Kossove donated $100 and said, "Good luck Liz & Will. We hope you will exceed this goal and many more throughout your lives."
Ann Walker donated $50 and said, "Know this will be a meaningful experience!"
Lizzie & Will\'s Dad donated $1,000
Someone donated $250
Beth/Bill Campbell donated $100 and said, "Our love and support go with"
Cindy Bruce donated $100 and said, "Wow, so proud of both of you!"
Nancy Downing donated $500 and said, "What a wonderful cause! Good luck on your climb….my prayers will be with you!"
Someone donated $250
Kelly P. Ferguson donated $100 and said, "So excited for your journey and proud of your efforts! Many prayers will go along with you this summer!"
Someone donated $100
Shelley Perkins donated $100 and said, "So proud of you two! Love you both!"
Jackie & Steve Camp donated $100 and said, "What a worthy cause. We are proud of you both."
Foard and Emily Naumann donated $100 and said, "Great cause! Great goal!"
Theresa Hall donated $100
Michelle and Jack Dunn donated $100 and said, "So proud of you!"
Someone donated $250
Someone donated $250

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