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I have had the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia and meet sufferers and survivors of obstetric fistula.  It is amazing that, in this century, sometimes the most dangerous thing that can happen to a woman is to become pregnant.  Many of the women that I met in Ethiopia suffered for days in obstructed labor, only to lose their baby, and become physically torn up delivering the deceased child.  Out of the depth of that suffering, came the rejection from friends and family due to the incontinence (urinary and/or fecal) that came from being injured during delivery.  Healing Hands of Joy seeks to take women who have been healed of fistula, and disperse them back into rural Africa to teach others about understanding the signs of labor, and encouraging them to walk for help to find someone to assist in the birth of a child...

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Frances Martin donated $200
Someone donated $100
Jennifer S Lamarre donated $250
Makenna donated $200
Laura Hilton donated $250
Laurel & Tony Werner donated $500 and said, "Jim and Colleen, Tony and I are proud to support this project and hope we can incorporate it with our work in Tanzania!"
Ralph and Lisa Wagner donated $125 and said, "Wishing you safe and blessed travels."
The Griffin Family donated $125 and said, "Safe travels and prayers for the Ludington Family!"
Mike & Yoshiko donated $250
Joseph and Janet Beckert donated $250
Frank & Kathleen Boncimino donated $125 and said, "The Ludington family is awesome. Love that the family is so involved to better the world!!!"
Candace Flanagan donated $50 and said, "Yay Colleen! Xoxoxo"
Lori Weiman donated $125
Laura Nolte donated $125 and said, "Love that this will help bring comfort & healing to moms in need."

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