Tirualem Alemayehu Wudie

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Full Name: Tirualem Alemayehu Wudie

Age: 25

Region, Village: Amhara, Dega Damot

SMA Class and Graduation Date: 43rd class, graduated on May 23, 2018

Years lived with fistula: 6 months

Marital status and Number of kids: Married and has 2 children

Health Status : Fully Cured

 Tirualem never has a chance to attend school. She was married at the age of 20 and became pregnant at 21. She developed Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) due to prolonged labor.

 After she received medical treatment at Hamlin Fistula center Tirualem wasso happy to join HHOJ’s Bahir Dar  Rehabilitation center for two weeks Safe Motherhood Ambassador training. Tirualem developed good relationship with her fellow SMAs in training and at her graduation she said, “I want to educate my community about fistula.’’

 IGA Interest: Sheep fattening

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