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Mekelle Center

Mekelle, Tigray

In November 2010, recognizing the need for rehabilitation and reintegration services for fistula patients post-surgery, HHOJ established its first center in Mekelle, Tigray region of Ethiopia to provide a home for former fistula patients during their training as Safe Motherhood Ambassadors. In 2016, HHOJ conducted an extensive assessment on the Impact of "Safe Motherhood Ambassador" project in the prevention and mitigation of obstetric fistula Tigray region.

To date the Mekelle Center has:

  • Trained 653 Safe Motherhood Ambassadors.
  • Held 201 Male family Members Workshops
  • Held 83 Stakeholders Workshops
  • Held 129 Community Engagements Campaigns
  • Provided 514 Micro Loans
  • 130 New cases of obstetric fistula patients have been identified by our SMAs
  • 192 SMAs have been supported through Reintegration follow up visits

Impact Assessment

In 2015, Healing Hands of Joy conducted an Impact Assessment to determine the impact of our “Safe Motherhood Ambassador” program on fistula survivors and maternal health service utilization in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 


To determine and compare maternal health service utilization in three HHOJ operational & three non HHOJ operational Woredas, to assess the change in the awareness, knowledge & practices of the community with regards to fistula prevention and mitigation and to assess the contribution of SMAs in increasing maternal health service utilization as well as fistula prevention, identification and reintegration.


Qualitative data indicated that the work of the SMAs led to improvements in practices for prevention of obstetric fistula, community attitudes and knowledge of fistula, and quality of life (QOL) of fistula patients. The respondents reported that the information provided by the SMA led to an increase in number of “previously hidden” fistula cases that sought treatment.





Raised for this phase of work in Mekelle Center