HHOJ trained Safe Motherhood Ambassadors who are reintegrated back into their communities are periodically monitored and supported by HHOJ staff as they reach out to women within their communities in order to prevent the occurrence fistula. During the monitoring visits, HHOJ staff conducts counseling session to assess how each SMA is performing, how they are keeping up with their Income Generating Activities, as well as their activities in the community to promote safe delivery by using checklists. The Monitoring & Evaluation visits are only conducted among women who have had surgery. The rehabilitation and reintegration support training program participants are interviewed after 3 months of reintegration to the community.

SMA Letebrhan Belete, lives with her husband and 3 kids in town 305 Kilometer far from Mekelle, Tigray region to the western part of Tigray region. She among the SMA that HHOJ staff visited on indiviualized follow up. Letebrhan is fully cured from obstetric fistula and when asked about her current health status she said, “Thanks to God and I am very happy now, I am fully cured I returned back to my routine activity as usual.” Her relationship with her family & community has changed. Letebrhan said, ”I have good relationship with my family, neighbors and with the community, I’ve already started to join my neighbors for coffee ceremony and I attend community wedding and funeral ceremonies.”

Letebrhan is working actively in educating women on the advantage of Antenatal care (ANC) and institutional delivery. She has educated 20 pregnant women among them 18 attended ANC. Out of the total 18, 14 women delivered at Health centers and the remaining 4 are pregnant, still they are attending their ANC. Letebrhan said “I will continue to educate my community, I am proud of my SMA role because I want to see fistula free community.”

Economically, Letebrhan has invested her income generating activity loan on poultry business. She received 3000 birr loan from HHOJ through Rural Saving and Credit Association. She said “I used 1500 birr to bought 10 chickens, I also used the remaining money to buy food for the chickens and building materials for their shelter.”