Join us for an adventure like no other here in northern Ethiopia! Our Joy Trips take you on a journey into the rural countryside of Ethiopia, and into the lives of women who have been afflicted by obstetric fistula but emerged with hope and resilience; frontline workers in the fight against fistula.

Traveling with our local staff, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what obstetric fistula is, why it is prevalent in Ethiopia and how fistula survivors are being empowered to prevent fistula in their communities. We’ll spend quality time at the Healing Hands of Joy Center in Mekelle meeting fistula survivors in training to become Safe Motherhood Ambassadors. Then, you’ll have the chance to visit project areas ‘in the field’, where our Safe Motherhood Ambassadors have been deployed and are working with midwives and health workers to improve institutional delivery at local health centers. At one of our Community Engagement Campaigns, we gather entire rural villages together to screen the film ‘Fistula is Not a Curse’ and hold a special candle ceremony where everyone commits to ending fistula in their homes and communities. We send out updates on Joy Trips in our newsletters. Be sure to sign up for the next Joy Trip!