Community Engagement Campaign

Healing Hands of Joy hosts community engagement events to raise awareness of safe delivery, childbirth injuries such as obstetric fistula and finally, to introduce the Safe Motherhood Ambassador to the community and de-stigmatize obstetric fistula.

In 2014, we launched our Community Engagement Campaign in partnership with the Mekelle Fistula Hospital. It was a huge success, we held events in Mekelle and the following day in Samre reaching over 400 Health Extension Workers, Midwives, Women's Association Members, religious leaders and community members with our campaign message "Fight Fistula - Deliver Safely."

During the two-day campaign we presented the original drama “Fistula is Not God’s Curse” to communities in Mekelle and Samre. Audiences were entertained while learning about obstetric fistula and how it can be prevented.

In Samre, members of the Women’s Association danced during a song sung about preventing fistula.

Safe Motherhood Ambassador, Berhidda Redda, shares her testimony to a crowd of over 200 health workers in the effort to prevent fistula and identify new cases in her region.

We provided promotional materials to spread the message that “Fistula is Preventable and Treatable”

UNICEF partnered with Healing Hands of Joy to produce a film version of their drama to be used in their National Maternal Child and Newborn Health Communication Strategy.

Help us educate communities across Ethiopia! Our goal is to help identify fistula patients waiting for surgery, reduce discrimination against fistula women and prevent fistula.