05/23/2020 10:52:09Timothy CreechGeneral Donations250 USDInternational Day to End Obstetric Fistula
04/19/2020 16:40:32AnonymousGeneral Donations1000 USD
02/15/2020 08:22:32George KoundourakisGeneral Donations700 USD
10/20/2019 14:01:58Valentine F. MorganGeneral Donations50 USDThis is a very worthy cause helping these ladies.
08/01/2019 12:21:16AnonymousGeneral Donations1600 USDAttention: Makda Teklemichael initial payment for trip w/Cindy Breilh
07/03/2019 14:11:39Paul JohnsonGeneral Donations1600 USDJoy Climb Oct 2019
07/03/2019 14:07:12Phil JohnsonGeneral Donations1600 USDJoy Climb Oct 2019
07/03/2019 12:47:22AnonymousGeneral Donations1600 USDJoy Climb
07/01/2019 15:06:14Kirsten KuykendallGeneral Donations1600 USDDeposit for Joy Climb Ethiopia
07/01/2019 14:08:44Kirsten KuykendallGeneral Donations1600 USDDeposit for the Joy Climb Trip
06/24/2019 10:46:56Sharon BarberGeneral Donations40 USDFor your birthday- in honor of your love for Ethiopian women and your hopes to eradicate fistula
06/24/2019 08:35:41AnonymousGeneral Donations1500 USDJoy Climb