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2019 Annual Report

Our 2019 Annual Report & 2019 Impact Report are available. Get the latest info on our lean organization.

Annual Report | Impact Report

Support a Safe Motherhood Ambassador Each Month!


About Healing Hands of Joy

The Problem

Obstetric fistula is a devastating childbirth injury caused by prolonged and obstructed labor.
Obstetric fistula often results in a stillbirth, chronic incontinence, spousal abandonment, social
stigma, and personal shame. Women living with fistula are often considered “cursed” by their
communities because of the lack of education about fistula and how it is caused. In Ethiopia, an
estimated 37,500 cases of fistula remain untreated, with 3,500 new cases occurring every year.

Our vision is to see a fistula-free Ethiopia.

Our Solution

Healing Hands of Joy’s mission is Prevention, Identification, and Reintegration.

Our Safe Motherhood Ambassador Model to support, equip and deploy women recovering
from the devastating impacts of obstetric fistula. This involves restoring their joy, self-esteem,
confidence & psychosocial capacity to engage fully and meaningfully as community members.
We improve maternal healthcare by training women treated for the condition to become Safe
Motherhood Ambassadors within their communities. Our ultimate goal is to improve maternal
health service utilization and to eradicate fistula from the hardest-to-reach regions in Ethiopia.


Our inspiration comes from the unconditional love of God and His call to bring healing and joy
to those who suffer as exemplified by Jesus Christ. We are committed to working with partners
and individuals of all faiths and beliefs.



Safe Motherhood Ambassador Maniholish suffered from Obstetric fistula for seventeen years, until an informational leaflet from a Healing Hands of Joy community outreach event helped rewrite her story.


Safe Motherhood Ambassador Densa is on a mission to educate her community about maternal health, to protect other women from the shame and loneliness caused by Obstetric Fistula. This is her story.


Safe Motherhood Ambassador Endayehu reclaimed her life after Obstetric Fistula, using the tools and support she received from Healing Hands of Joy to regain her confidence and hope. This is her story.

$83 a month will train one Safe Motherhood Ambassador this year, helping a Fistula survivor reclaim her life and change lives in her community.

$20 a month provides a Safe Motherhood Ambassador with a micro-loan, helping women like Endayehu gain financial stability.

$12 a month equips a Safe Motherhood Ambassador with a toolkit, giving her tools like new shoes, radio, cell phone, and more to help her save lives.