In Ethiopia, there are approximately 37,500 - 39,000 cases of untreated obstetric fistula. This number is further compounded by the 3,500 new cases of fistula that develop each year. However, there is hope. Healing Hands of Joy was established to make motherhood safer in Ethiopia and eliminate preventable childbirth injures such as obstetric fistula. Our model focuses on four program activities: The Safe Motherhood Ambassador Program, Community Engagement and Awareness, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Strategic Initiatives. Together, we are able to prevent this horrible tragedy while restoring the lives of women who have previously been impacted.

We run a lean organization so that your donations can go directly to the projects in rural Ethiopia that will help end fistula.

Since the inception of our Safe Motherhood program in 2010, Healing Hands of Joy has trained over 1,750 fistula survivors. Our Safe Motherhood Ambassadors have educated over 31,000 women in their communities in safe delivery practices.

Healthy Babies. Healthy Moms. Healthy Communities.

In 2019 all three centers of Healing Hands of Joy will continue to provide Safe Motherhood Ambassador training, which includes maternal health education, spiritual and psychological counseling, literacy training, and Income Generating Activities. Raising awareness of obstetric fistula and safe skilled delivery in the communities will continue through the male family members training, Stakeholders workshop and community engagement campaigns. HHOJ staffs will continue to keep track of Safe Motherhood Ambassador’s social and economic status through Individualized Re-integration follow-up and support system.